KAREN THOMAS - R.N., HTA Certified Practitioner, Animal Communicator


"After 4 days of using the skin soother that Karen recommended I have not had to give my dog her medication (apoquel) for scratching. I also noticed that the skin soother calms my dog. I have learned that the scratching may have been a nervous habit as opposed to an actual skin irritation or possibly a bit of both. I continue to observe my dogs behavior and would still administer the medication if she shows signs of the intense itching she had before. I use the spray a few times a day in certain areas. The cool thing is I can use it for myself as well - it smells nice!"

Sarah D


"I asked Karen to talk with my 17 year old cat Millie, just to check in with her to see if there was anything I should be aware of now that she is aging. It was a big relief to know that Millie had a way to communicate with me through Karen and tell us how she felt. I feel so much better knowing that Millie is happy and feels good. Karen pointed out some health issues that I can continue to check on to keep Millie comfortable. It was nice to hear that Millie feels like a "world traveler" and doesn't mind all the travelling she has to do living in two different homes, 2400 miles apart. I'm grateful to Karen for her sensitivities and abilities to communicate to animals and would ask for her services in the future."                                                 Debra K.                                                  


"Karen had a session with Samurai my cat, it was amazing the things that she told me, it was kind of like she really got in his head and they communicated the things she told me only my cat would know . kind of freaked me out how much he told her and their connection!!!
Now I know my kitty a little bit better :-) thank you very much Karen"  ...  Joe S


"I have the Skin Soothe for my Pitty, Piper. Her paws and chest get very irritated by the coral dust in our yard. This has relieved the cracking and irritation! I can't wait to try the other spray for Piper now!! Glad I found you!!!"                Nikki C.


"I had a communication session with Karen today for my dog Alchemy. She was spot on about everything! There’s no way for her to have known everything she did without being a part of our home, but she did. Her ability to communicate with animals is incredible. She is genuine and knowledgeable and I would definitely use her again! Thank you Karen!"                  Jessica M.

"A few months ago I had Karen read my whole pack, including my sweet Stella who is now on the other side.  She was very accurate on all of them.  Saying how Bubba has back issues, that his favorite food is bacon, he loves chasing Lucy in the yard.  Lucy told her that she would eat ice cream everyday if I let her.  That she’s a tomboy and that she loves to kiss my face.   Munchy said he likes soft food better and showed his teeth. Lil kitty told her that she likes to sleep on me to keep me warm.  And last but not least Stella, Stella said she loved me to the moon, sun and stars.  She felt Stella as brave and grateful for the life she had.  

I have taken note to all she has told me about my animals and over the past few months became aware of how Lucy does love to go for ice cream and would go every day if I let her.  She is also my lil Scrappy Doo (total tomboy). Bubba and I have been doing doggie yoga to stretch his back and he’s been getting a little more massage.  I am making sure that Munchy has his soft food everyday.  When lil kitty sleeps on me to keep me warm she sleeps on my chest, so I make sure to reassure her she is keeping me warm.  And last but not least my reading on Stella was a little mind blowing really.  Stella said she loves me to the moon sun and stars, well her ashes are in a pendant that has the sun, moon and stars.  Stella was also very brave but what I found the other day is another pendant I have that has her ashes in it with a tag on it that says brave
Thank you Karen for the very accurate reading.  Your amazing keep talking to those animals, they need you! ❤️❤️"                       
Carri B. 

"I reached out to Karen when I was feeling anxious about leaving my dog behind for a year while I traveled.  After she had a communication session with him, it helped me open up the lines of communication with his temporary caregivers.  I was more easily able to express his and my needs for him which helped to ease my tension about the situation.  Karen then suggested that I have my own EFT (tapping) session to work through some of my emotions so that my beloved dog could benefit from having more peaceful energy surrounding us as I prepare for this next step in our lives.  Our session made me more aware of where this fear of leaving him behind came from and empowered me to become in tune with tools necessary for me to take control of my emotions.'                      Shaina and Reef


"I just want you to know that for the very first time when we shut the lights out and said goodnights to the dogs, it was quiet. Spot would just bark like crazy and get everyone riled up and it was impossible to calm them. And today, it was peace and crickets. Please keep visiting with him. It’s probably the most impact I’ve ever seen in any of your sessions with one of our shelter dogs! Makes me so happy "

Tara , Director FKSPCA 


"Karen's magic with my dog Kato was evident after her first session with him. I was fostering him from the Marathon Shelter and not sure of permanent adoption. He came into my home as a terrified, suspicious, 9 lb Chihuahua, with a broken tail and broken spirit. Karen instilled such calmness in him and restored his inner confidence. The oils made him smell good too. He transitioned smoothly to his new home and made me a "foster failure." I could not give him up. His tail now stands up with a curl.
Whenever I travel on vacations and board him, I ask Karen to visit him in boarding and relieve his stress and anxiety. This keeps him balanced while I am away and he comes back home reassured. 
As an aside, I also know Karen on a professional level in our mutual care of sick patients at Fishermen's Hospital, where she did nursing. It amazes me that she has abilities to care and empathize with humans as well as with animals."

Scott M Burns, MD 

"Thank you so much Karen for everything you did to help us with Poncho when he was injured. I was really worried his neck would never heal and he may never be his happy go lucky self again but I am happy to report he's better than ever! If not for you I don't know that Ponchos recovery would have been possible!!"
                                 Stephanie H.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Karen Thomas for all the help she has given me over the past year with Poopsie Doodle,  my spoiled, furry feline.  She has always made herself available and has provided the best possible care and consideration. She has cured him of using my sectional as a toilet!  

Debra B.

"I met Karen at the animal shelter when  my husband was working there and I was a volunteer. Both of us have seen great results with the "kids" at the shelter after her healing work. Once I found out that she did distant work I thought how perfect it was for my situation, having my best friend "China" in Argentina. I left my home town about 2 years ago with the promise to China to come back for her. We are very connected and my time away has been very difficult for us both. China periodically would stop eating and just lay on the couch for days at a time. She is a 5 year old boxer, very active dogs! My mom keeps me updated on anything that happens to her so when she tells me about her strange behavior I have been referring to Karen for the last year. It has been such a tremendous help to have the ability to help my friend who misses me, thanks to this powerful healer. My mom, without knowing that China gets any type of spiritual help, tells me about her improvements with her appetite and overall well being. 
After asking Karen via email to do distant work I would get immediate and very accurate feedback. 
Thank you Karen for the peace of mind you give me, your time and energy into this friendship. It means a lot to us.

(From the heart :) )"
 Carolina Alegre

"If I had not witnessed with my own eyes I might not have been a believer .....Several weeks ago my father-in-law passed away and we flew from the USA to Brazil to be with our family.By our second day there we all realized that the family dog, "Tootchie", had not come out of her house or eaten.  My father-in-law was her principle care giver .... and her best friend.We tried coaxing her and we tried leaving yummy food for her to eat ... but nothing.I have known Karen for several years and I knew a little about the work she did.I figured, let's give a try.  We hated seeing Tootchie suffer.I sent Karen a quick message from Brazil and logged off the computer.About an hour later I logged back on to the computer and before I even had a chance to see if Karen responded to my message, my little nephew came running in ..."Tootchie is happy!!!, She came out of her house and she is eating!!!"No one could believe it, we were so happy.Then I saw the message from Karen ..... and I was shocked ....."

"I just did a 45 minute session with Toochie. When I first looked at her all of her energy centers were off and her 'main energy line' connecting her to the earth was very diminished. So I repaired and balanced all of the above. I told her that she was loved, supported and well cared for by the rest of her family members. When I was finished she was completely open and balanced. I set the intention that the unconditional love of her heart center create a fountain of self healing energy. Is she going to stay with the family? She's not sure....If so, please tell her what her life will look like now- where she will live, who will be her caretaker, etc. Just keep telling her she's 'loved and supported in this process' over and over. It's very important this all humans involved communicate the new plan to her. She was sad and confused. Please let me know.....xxoo"

"Amazing work by an amazing woman!!I Love you Karen!!!!"
Sharon Silva

"When my 13 yr old female Rottweiler/Lab mix, D, became ill I thought I might have to put her down as she was in major distress, and could barely move. We had been to the Vet and she received an (injection) for pain, and a prescription for pain  medication. 

When I found out about Pawsitive Touch and talked to Karen, she and Daashia then came and spent a full hour with us that day. They are the most understanding, caring, and supportive people you will ever meet.
They had me keep in touch with messaging and as time went on and D improved.  Now six months later she is still enjoying life as a senior, and planning on being around for a lot longer.

My gratitude for their direction and continuing  support, at such a painful time this will never be forgotten!"

Lawry Reitman

"I have an Australian Cattle Dog who is very much an alpha female.  Very strong, smart, independent, and possessive of me.  She had issues and was limping.  I had no idea why, what she had hurt or when.  She is a very tough dog.  The veterinarian's office is not her favorite place and she gets very uncooperative there.  She will not and actually cannot be physically restrained, just too strong - physically and mentally.  Karen is phenomenal with her.  She does her healing with patience, care, and an uncanny ability to know exactly where Sadie was hurting and how it happened (probably because Sadie told her). During the sessions Sadie did not fight or become agitated.  She was very calm, welcoming, and agreed to receive Karen's  healing with the result of Sadie giving Karen a big kiss each time a session ended.  Obviously Sadie agreed to and accepted Karen's ministrations and was happy and unstressed.  Each time Sadie and Karen are together Sadie greets and welcomes Karen.  Above all else, the treatments were successful, Sadie does not limp, all is well and was done without drugs, stress, and unhappiness.  Karen - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! "

 Linda and Sadie


Once Upon A Shelter column, written by Dr. Linda Gottwald - Executive Director of Pine Cone Animal Shelter in Traverse City, MI

   “Sarah, the Good-Bye Girl”

    Once upon a time there was a big, black dog named Sarah who loved her family with all her heart.   And  then some.   But the family decided to move downstate to a new home without  her.   “She’s a great dog,” they said.  “Only the place we’re going to won’t allow pets.  I’m sure she’ll get a home.”  And they cried and said how much they would miss her and then drove away without a backward glance.  
     But Sarah didn’t forget.  For three days straight, she sat outside and stared at the road at the very last place she has seen her family.  She sat through the night and the cold, until her black wavy fur was frosted with snow, watching patiently for their return.
     She ignored the warm barn and the soft blanket that was waiting for her .  She barely touched her bowl of kibble.  Other dogs would nip and race around her, inviting her to play chase.  But Sarah only sat and watched.  Ater three days,  Sarah was no longer allowed to be free in the yard.   Instead, she was locked in her pen so that she would be forced to stay inside.  But as soon as she was let out, she would race to her spot and watch.  
     And then one day a family came along and adopted her.  Off she went, bounding happily into the car.  The next day, she came back.  It seemed she had growled when her someone moved her off the sofa.   Sarah ran to her spot and resumed her watch.
    Another family came along . A few weeks later, she was returned, this time for getting into the trash.  Again, she raced to her spot…and waited.  Two more families came and two more times, Sarah was adopted and returned – once, for not playing enough with the other dog and the other time, for being too protective of the mother of the family.  
   But now, Sarah no longer raced to the corner and waited.  Instead, she sat in her pen, barely eating or moving.   Her heart had been broken too many times.
     Meanwhile, a friend from Florida heard about Sarah, the Good-bye Girl.  She told me about her new business  - Pawsitive Touch Healing for Companion Animals, and promised to send healing wishes from the warm magical Keys to the frozen north. It seemed a little implausible – so far away, like wishing on a star.  But if anyone needed a little extra wishing, it was Sarah
   The very next day, Sarah was adopted.  This time, it was by three farmers- a man and his two sons.  They had a big farm with lots of cows and crops and acreage and work.  But their hardscrabble lives could use the softness and love of a dog. ..maybe a dog like Sarah.  And so, off she went, again.  But this time, Sarah didn’t come back.

    And so Sarah the Good-Bye Girl became the much loved Lady of the House.  She has a new name- Molly.  Her days are filled with bossing the cows around and riding in the pick-up truck and watching over her new family .  And now when she sits outside and watches, she is looking over a beautiful valley from the porch of the home that is hers forever.  And then some.